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Here we will keep you up-to-date with any important safety information and reminders.


WARNING: Car Seats

There is a risk that your baby may stop breathing if they are not postioned correctly in their car seat – you can reduce this risk.  Click here for more information.


The NHS advises that you keep young children SHADED from the sun using a parasol or sunshade if they are in buggies during hot weather. However completely covering a buggy or car seat with a blanket can result in warm air becoming trapped inside which may lead to overheating! Breathing the same trapped air over and over results in a build up of CO2 and a reduction in Oxygen. Good ventilation is part of the general advice issued by the NHS in relation to the prevention of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Click on the link for NHS advice on keeping young children cool and protected in hot weather.

Creche Safety 

Should you attend one of our sessions and have a creche place reserved for your child/ren, we ask you read our ‘Welcome to our creche’ leaflet and complete a Creche registration form to help us get to know your child and settle them into the Creche. 

Child Safety Week (tba)

Download a copy of the Keep your Child safe flyer with useful safety tips around nappy sacks to little button batteries 


Internet Safety

Everyone has their part to play in making the internet a better place, so these tips are a great way to ensure that you are supporting your child to stay safe and positive online.


For information on Cyberbullying, Social Media and applications like ‘Whatsapp’ & ‘Musical.ly’ take a moment to download and read Herts for Learning eSafety Newsletter.

Safety in the Home

For lots of great tips on how to keep your family safe visit the Child Accident Prevention Trust website (CAPT).