We are a group of 3 local children’s centres known as the Broxbourne East Children’s Centre Group. The centres in the group are Arlesdene Children’s Centre, Greenfield Children’s Centre and High Trees Children’s Centre.


Please be advised that the contact details for Broxbourne East Children’s Centre Group have changed. 

Our new telephone number is 0300 3230132

You will be given some options to help direct you to the right extension or centre as quickly as possible.

Our new email address is Broxbourne.East@oneymca.org

We hope you find this update useful and welcome your feedback.


One YMCA was delighted to become the Lead Agency for the Broxbourne East Children’s Centre Group from 1st April 2018…

On 12th March Hertfordshire County Council announced that Hertfordshire based ‘One YMCA’ has been awarded the contract to deliver Children’s Centre services at Arlesdene, Greenfield and High Trees Children’s Centres from 1st April 2018. One YMCA already operates two further Children’s Centre Groups in Hertfordshire, the Ware Children’s Centre Group and the Royston and Buntingford Children’s Centre Group, in addition to Children’s Centres across the Central Bedfordshire and Bedford Borough local authority areas.

From 1st October 2018 existing Children’s Centre Services in Hertfordshire will evolve, to become ‘Family Centre’ services. From 1st October Family Centres will have a broader reach, working with children aged 0-11 years and Family Service staff will be co-located with community nursing teams to achieve more streamlined access to services for all families. In addition to becoming the Lead Agency for Broxbourne East Children’s Centres from 1st April, One YMCA will become the provider of Family Services for the ‘East Quadrant’ of Hertfordshire from 1st October 2018. This area includes 26 existing Children Centre sites in the East of the County and our contract will run for a period of 6 years.

One YMCA recognises the amazing work already undertaken in Broxbourne East by Linzi and her committed and talented team. One YMCA CEO, Guy Foxell, and Head of Children’s Centres, Serreta Pritchard, are both excited to welcome Broxbourne East staff into the organisation and work with them to deliver our common aim, to ensure that all children have the best opportunities available to them to become healthy, resilient adults who are able to contribute to their community. A number of meetings and events will take place over the coming months to support staff through the transition process.

The successful providers awarded Family Service contracts for the four Hertfordshire quadrants are required to meet and cooperate with each other in order to agree some common elements in relation to service provision. This is so that the greatest levels of service, consistency and accessibility may be achieved across the whole county. This process will begin on 1st April is likely to take several months. Therefore, detailed information in relation to services and staffing structures will be confirmed later this year when providers have reached agreement on these areas.